Board Game Geek: Arkham Horror

arkhamhorror_2_big_bigAlthough we had never played Arkham Horror it had such amazing reviews from friends and online that we put it on our wedding registry. That an my husband is a huge Lovecraft fan.

Some of our gaming friend agreed to teach us with their set. Which, after we saw all the fiddly pieces, was a big time saver not to break out the new set.

NOTE: Must go by many ziploc bags. 700 pieces!! WTF!!

It’s a beautiful board and everything seems to make intuitive sense when you have someone who can explain the game well, as we did. There are however a zillion things to keep track of in terms of the doom track, monster track, when gates explode, the various ways you will probably lose the game, the semi-possible ways to win the game and the things each character can do and how they can help others.

We were lucky, we got a ‘mild’ elder god we also chose to have both the psychiatrist and the doctor as player characters which helped with the not-going-insane-and-dying bit. Also, thanks to friends who have played before we went with the goal of sealing the gates which worked out in our favour but it was really close.

For a first run we didn’t do the play in character bit. I think that might have been impossible given the sheer amount of things to remember – oh, yeah, the sliders – and just staying on top of the turn order.

I’m absolutely sure that the first time I run this game I’ll screw up the rules a few times. It was super helpful to have someone teach them… and bowls… get bowls for this game.