Sam photo shoot 2012Hi, I’m Sara, one of millions.

When my mother named me she wanted to pick a classic name, one that had not been used in generations. This idea did not work out so well for her. I’ve never had less than three other Sara(h)s in my class, I’m one of 23 Sara(h)s where I work and I have many Sara(h) friends. It’s like having a built-in not-so-secret society.

The communications professional in me would tell me not to write this blog. It will be messy and complicated. It will range over a wide variety of themes many of which will not seem interconnected. In short, it will lack the focus and consistency that has come to be expected in blogs. Perhaps you should stop reading now.

This blog is my story as it unfolds. A throw back to the live journal days where my generation fed the internet with the gory details of our lives from break ups to make ups and the awesome concert we went to last night. The one theme in this blog is my search for a personal understanding of the good life. That essential philosophical question, for which I may never find an answer but, which is itself the only answer to leading a life worth living.


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