A few months ago I decided I would start to learn code. This decision came from a few different places. In January 2012 I was approached by a recruiter from Ubisoft for a production coordinator position. It was the first time I was cold-called by someone offering me a job opportunity and it was incredibly flattering. More importantly it sparked an idea in the back of my mind. I love gaming. I spend most of my social time gaming. Why had I never considered gaming as a career path?

Splinter Cell Black listI came close with the Ubisoft job, one of the final two candidates. While it would have been amazing to get the position, given the shit storm life was about to rain down on me that year I’m glad I didn’t get it at that time because I now know I would not have been at my best.

With everything that has happened in this past year the need to focus on the things that I enjoy and find meaningful has resurfaced. I am not sure if this means gaming. What I do know is that I enjoy making things. I enjoy having a tangible, or semi-tangible, product that I can show as the result of my work. I have an intense interest in technology, digital media, new media, social media, interactive technologies and, yes, gaming. I love building teams and facilitating large group projects. I’ve developed an odd skill set to take a bunch of artsy-blue sky creative types and bring them together to produce fun and sometimes meaningful things.

I have no plans to become the next game designer at a AAA. My interests lie in how to make productions happen. How to go from the concept to final delivery. I love figuring out all the fiddly bits that need to be lined up to go from concept through to end point. Flow charts, critical paths and logistics planning are my zen. I enjoy putting in place the structure and managing the chaos that creates the environment and possibilities for those who do have the design and creative skills to work together to create something amazing.

Games for changeThe brass ring for me would be to find an intersection of interactive technologies, digital and social media, gaming, public policy and social justice. Gaming for social good if you will. That’s a big idea that is probably a long way off. For now, learning code seems like a reasonable starting point. I know I don’t have the 10,000 hours to become the world’s greatest coder, but it is a basic skill that I can acquire as I think about how to fit together the pieces of the things I enjoy doing into something I can put out into the world.

I’m proud to say I’ve finished the HTML and CSS modules on CodeAcademy and am working my way through JavaScript.

Screen shot 2013-03-16 at 11.50.10 AM