Board Game Geek: Uchronia

uchroniaOur informal board game group decided to play Uchronia this month. It’s a card-based strategy game where you compete with each other to build, and through building accumulate victory points.

As a first play-through I found it confusing for the first couple of rounds, but then as soon as someone got their first building it made sense really really fast. There’s a lot of moving parts at first, you have your hand which will allow you to take different actions: production, exploration, draconians (screw people over), trade and construction. You will discard cards during your turn into the forum which becomes a stock people can pick up from. Then you need to keep track of your stock vs. your activities and figure out how to pick up extra actions vs. saving for construction and watch out what special powers people are picking up as they pick up buildings.

uchronia 1851Once I figured it out this was an extraordinarily fun game. Because of the variety of buildings, advantages through constructing buildings and variability of player combinations and cards and forum it’s likely to be a somewhat new game each time. Definitely one I’m considering buying.

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