Meeting Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne

As part of the Canadian Cancer Society’s Daffodil month (April) we asked the party leaders, Minister of Health and health critics to be photographed receiving a Daffodil Pin.

This was my first opportunity to meet our new Premier Kathleen Wynne. Because it was a photo op, it was a very quick and informal meeting. It was a great experience. In the middle of what was a very busy hectic day (I’m sure most of her days are) she was able to be present in the moment and give our volunteers her time and her interest. She engaged with our youth volunteer and asked him about his personal cancer journey and working with youth in his community.

At this point in my career I have met a lot of politicians. Every so often there are a few who stand out because of the way they engage with people, even for just a moment, gets across that they are in politics because they genuinely believe they can make a difference in this world. I’ve had the pleasure to meet Minister Matthews on several occasions now and she has always come across as a caring and passionate individual. I was so pleased that Kathleen Wynne carried the same force of character with her as our first woman Premier and first openly gay Premier she is an amazing role model.

Big thanks to Saajid Sam Motola for being our photographer for the day.

Wynne 1629


Wynne Mattews 1588


Wynne Matthews 0R8A4790


Wynne Matthews Neil Currie Raymund Ong LR

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